About us

The Hygiene Institute and its Support Organization

The Institute`s Support Organization is the Society for Control of Common Diseases in the Ruhr District, founded in 1902.

Institute leadership and management

The Institute Director is a Doctor of Chemistry and Professor of Analytic Chemistry. He is assisted by an administrator (Diplom-Verwaltungswirt) in overall management of the Institute. Each specialist department is run by excellent professionals who all have many years of experience in their specialist fields.

Our employees

We employ many chemists, biologists, microbiologists, food chemists, engineers and technicians all of whom are highly qualified in their respective fields of work. The laboratory technicians and assistants continuously up-date their knowledge and practice and are familiar with all their professional assignments.
The Institute has its own IT department and employs qualified system and database administrators. because without state-of-the-art IT systems nothing (well, almost nothing) is possible today.
The majority of our employees have permanent positions here. Their strong identification with the aims and philosophy of the Hygiene Institute creates a sense of loyalty to the company.

Laboratories and equipment

In order to provide our clients with cutting-edge standards, we use powerful and high-performance analyzing equipment in our laboratories.

Sampling field service

We have a highly efficient field service staff for taking on-site samples of drinking water, surface water and sewerage as well as ground and soil and air samples. Our staff is familiar with local conditions and all staff members are professionally trained, permanent Hygiene Institute employees.