Drinking water hygiene

Drinking water – our most important food

With regard to the quality of drinking water as well as the quality of the examining laboratories, German legislature requires full submission to relevant quality management policies. From drinking water catchment areas, waterworks and mains systems to the consumer´s water tap, drinking water is exposed to diverse environmental influences and risks. To ensure the safety and hygiene of our drinking water, the drinking water ordinance and additional legislation regulate the specifics for water monitoring.

Our service portfolio

The Ruhr District Institute of Hygiene is your service provider in all areas of hygiene. We provide services for small and large water supply companies, operators of self-supply systems, planners, installers and end-users. Our services include microbiological, chemical and physical tests and analyses as well as a comprehensive evaluation of the results achieved.

The Hygiene-Institute is the „Bestellte Stelle für Trinkwasseruntersuchungen“, the appointed office for the testing of drinking water. We provide our customers with high level services and guidance both of which are based on over a hundred year´s experience in the areas of water examination and health assessment of water contents.

Not only do we provide services pursuant to the drinking water ordinance, we also offer comprehensive and active support in all areas of drinking water hygiene and its related disciplines.

Analyses of influences of mains systems and domestic installations regarding water constitution and quality