September 28th,2021
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Bodies of water

The attention paid to quality of water has grown significantly over the past few years. In the media, as well as in consumer information, the importance of water quality has been a main focus of attention. Water quality guidelines which apply to bodies of water which are part of the natural water cycle are becoming increasingly stringent.

In this context limnology, the study of inland waters has become a major instrument. Implementing limnological investigations can assess water quality thus preventing negative effects on human health.

In terms of quality management, swimming and surface water are not the only aspects that need to be considered. Ground and waste water have a significant influence on human health as well. The quality of all of these waters has to be assessed regularly pursuant to a comprehensive preventive health concept. To emphasize the importance of such measures, it is interesting to know that approximately 74% of drinking water is derived from ground and waste water. Continuous quality inspections are therefore, indispensable.

Preventive water protection is crucial in safeguarding water quality. The Ruhr District Hygiene Institute is your competent partner for examinations, assessments and holistic solutions.

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