January 22nd,2020
Welcome to the Ruhr District Institute of Hygiene

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Products and building materials
GLP laboratory
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Products and building materials

Examination of diverse applications

We test water and soil samples for aggressive ingredients, which could affect concrete, steel or metals and examine materials meant for use in the area of road construction.

Our services
  • Examination of water and soil samples for corrosive ingredients with effects on concrete, steel and metal pursuant to DIN 4030 resp. DIN 50930 and DVGW worksheet GW 9
  • Examination of materials for road construction
  • Examination of sealants for road and tunnel construction
  • Examination of materials for ground stabilization and soil conditioning
  • Examination of sealing systems for canal suction facilities

We will also carry out
  • Examination of the bio-degradability of industrial and commercial products
  • Determination of the water hazard class (WHC) of products (determination of bacterial, fish, algae and daphnia toxicity, as well as the biological degradation)
  • Ecotoxicological examinations according to OECD guidelines

Examinations pursuant to GLP

Several of our examinations are conducted under GLP conditions. We will be pleased to provide you with an examination schedule custom-fitted to your needs.