January 22nd,2020
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Effects of substances on the environment

Environmental toxicology concerns itself with the effects of substances on our environment and – though indirectly – with the repercussions on humans. Ecotoxicological studies are, inter alia, the basis for the assessment of environmental risks of substances that are to be introduced to the market. Therefore, we contribute to the aim of reducing pollution, which can be attributed to production and usage of certain substances. Additionally, we support the implementation of laws and regulations (e.g. Chemicals Acts, REACH Regulation).

Our offer to manufacturers, importers and users

  • Research in ecotoxicological databases
  • Development of ecotoxicological substance profiles
  • Development of safety data sheets
  • Classification of hazardous substances and preparation in accordance with the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances
  • Collection of information about hazardous substances and their preparation for manufacturers, importers and users pursuant to REACH regulations
  • Implementation of ecotoxicological examinations (e.g. algae, daphnia and fish toxicity) in accordance with GLP standards
  • Implementation of additional ecotoxicological tests (e.g. earthworm toxicity, bacterial luminescence test, plant growth test)