August 03rd,2021
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Air hygiene
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Air hygiene

The air we breathe

On average, a person spends up to 90% of the day indoors. Therefore, the quality of indoor air is a main factor for our general well-being and in preventive health protection.

Interior spaces are sources of hygiene problems which cause health issues and result in the development of diseases. Building materials, furniture and consumables can emit volatiles into the air which can lead to health issues such as headaches, fatigue, difficulties in concentration and increased susceptibility to infections.

In many cases solvents cannot directly be attributed to exhalation from building materials. Often time-delayed degradation products of organic compounds (such as alkenes, terpenes, unsaturated fatty acids) can develop. These are used in drying and binding agents in paints, adhesives and floor coverings.

Whereas solvent emissions from direct sources decrease with time, solvents resulting from indirect sources (e.g. aldehydes) can increase over time. For example, hexanal is directly associated with odour nuisances.