September 28th,2021
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Biology of our waters

Limnology examines the ecology of water bodies. The main focus is on the following parameters:
  • ecologically relevant properties of water bodies,
  • physiological ecology of freshwater organisms,
  • limnic population ecology,
  • basics of mass balance and the production biology,
  • catabolism and material cycles of inland waters,
  • characterization of load conditions and
  • trophy and saprobity

The major aspects of applied limnology are wastewater treatment, water treatment, water pollution, water protection and water management.

Natural swimming pool waters are often in close proximity to agricultural land, by which turbidity, microorganisms and chemicals can be introduced into the water cycle. Additionally, disproportionate quantities of aquatic birds or the discharge of noxious substances, i.e. untreated waste water, can diminish water quality. Some of the introduced substances can serve as nutrients and thus can promote an unwanted mass development of algae or an immoderate growth of aquatic plants.

Our service portfolio

  • Our on site inspections allow us to provide our customers with a solid assessment of the situation. Therefore, we assist in the preventive diminishment of adverse effects on human health.
  • Our examinations discern negative developments at an early stage. Thus, we implement continuous water monitoring by competent and qualified personnel as an early warning system.
  • On behalf of our customers the Ruhr District Institute of Hygiene regularly examines North Rhine-Westphalian waters and has extensive experience in their limnological assessment.