September 28th,2021
Welcome to the Ruhr District Institute of Hygiene

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Dangers in water systems

Generally, a low concentration of legionella is found in all aquatic habitats. However, legionella can become a threat to human health if they reproduce on a massive scale in poorly maintained water-bearing facilities. As a consequence, diseases, often with severe forms of infection, develop.

For the purpose of preventive health care and pursuant to relevant guidelines, all water-bearing systems have to undergo rigorous hygienic analyses. In order to discover possible risks of infection and weak points it is essential to conduct preventive examinations for legionella in all central hot water systems, especially those in public facilities.

Our service portfolio

The Ruhr District Institute of Hygiene conducts comprehensive consultancies and tests in drinking water, swimming pool water installations and other water-bearing systems as well as ventilation and air-conditioning technology.

Firstly, we perform an on-site inspection of the facilities and determine the scope of the examination. Based on our findings, the results of the analysis and our years of experience we assess the risk of infection and the necessary need for action, address technical weak points, develop reconstruction concepts and issue hygiene reports.

We focus on

  • Domestic drinking water installations (hot and cold water systems)
  • Swimming pool water treatment installations
  • Ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC systems)
  • Cooling water circuits / process water plants
  • DI-water systems and osmosis units with different processing stages
  • Other water-bearing systems with aerosol formation