July 11th,2020
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Ground water hygiene
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Ground water hygiene
Testing of building products and other materials

Protection of soil and ground water

Physical structures and their respective parts, must not pose a threat to soil and ground water which constitute the natural basis of life. The German Institute of Structural Engineering (DIBt) has published a memorandum on the basic principles of evaluating the impact of building materials on soil and ground water. Implementing corresponding testing procedures ensures that during installation and utilization, negative changes in soil or ground water pollution can be excluded.

Basic factors for the evaluation of building materials are their chemical composition, the influence of water elutable substances and their possible impact on soil and ground water quality. The main objective is to extract eluates from relevant practical laboratory tests.

Our service portfolio

In order to determine the effects of building materials on soil and ground water during the curing period, we implement the inverse column test, which was developed by the Ruhr District Institute of Hygiene. The testing of hardened materials is done with the aid of the trough test.

We inspect organic and mineral materials pursuant to DIBt memorandum „Evaluation of the impact of building materials on soil and ground water“.
  • with the trough test
  • with the column test (e.g. toxicity tests, degradation tests, testing of the compliance with de minimis levels)
We are a certified water testing centre for the DVGW. DVGW-Prüflabor.