September 28th,2021
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Domestic installations

Consumers┬┤ drinking water

A well designed domestic installation, built with suitable materials is the crucial basis for meeting the requirements of the drinking water ordinance at the place of use. Unfortunately, domestic drinking water installations are sometimes built with unsuitable materials or without due care. As a result, precious drinking water can be contaminated by materials that do not belong in potable water supplies.

Therefore, close cooperation between all parties involved, from construction designers to installers and consumers, is an essential requirement in achieving modern-day quality standards. The selection and combining of materials must be incorporated in the planning process.

We gladly support you with our expertise.

Our service portfolio

  • We advise installers and installation companies on the planning and implementation of domestic installations – always aiming for the highest possible standards in hygienic safety for consumers.
  • We support land owners and operators of public facilities in the process of installation and monitoring.
  • We examine the negative impact of domestic installations on water quality and look for possible causes.
  • We supervise the water quality of swimming pools, sauna facilities, hospitals, retirement homes, hotels, schools, hydropathic facilities, and the like.