September 27th,2020
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Soil and contaminated sites

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The examination and proper evaluation of areas suspected of containing high levels of pollutants which could pose an environmental risk to soil, soil air and ground water are essential issues in the purchasing and selling of land, planning of land areas and preparing for building measures.

The examination of excavated soils and demolition materials during construction in accordance with established policies and relevant regulations (LAGA- Guidelines (The German Interstate Working Party on Waste Processing No. 20, Landfill Ordinance etc.) are part of our standard repertoire.

Our services

  • research into the history of abandoned landfills and sites, evaluation of aerial photographs, maps, etc.
  • development of targeted information research and examination procedures for the exploration of the soil, soil air and ground water situation
  • extraction of soil samples, soil air and ground water samples through trial pits, window sampling, drilling, ground level air monitoring and observation wells
  • physiochemical examinations of soil, air samples and ground water regarding contaminated-site related substances, e.g. in correlation with LAGA-guideline No. 20, The Federal Soil Protection and Contaminated Sites Regulation (BBodSchV), The Landfill Ordinance, etc.
  • evaluation of physiochemical as well as geological/ hydrogeological data regarding the nature and extent of the contamination
  • determination of the risk potential of contaminated sites and evaluation of emission paths from a hygienic-toxicological vantage point, not only for pollutants regulated in the BBodSchV

Additional offers

  • presentation of necessary safety and redevelopment measures in the context of the given or intended use
  • assistance and consultation regarding technical aspects of safety and redevelopment measures
  • hygiene monitoring and inspection of safety and redevelopment measures
  • construction-accompanying examinations regarding occupational and environmental protection during contruction
  • construction-accompanying soil testing with regard to the disposal and utilization during construction