September 27th,2020
Welcome to the Ruhr District Institute of Hygiene

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Mining hygiene
GLP laboratory
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Industrial and mining hygiene - hygiene above and below ground

Industrial hygiene

  • Incendiary hygiene and wastewater testing and evaluation of fire-extinguishing agents
  • Medical screening of materials regarding their ocular irritancy and skin compatibility
  • Examination of products in accordance with oil-bonding guidelines
  • Creation of safety data sheets

Mining hygiene and offset

We are a certified institution, pursuant to the Mining Health Protection Regulation, for all matters regarding mining hygiene and health protection, especially for employees working underground.

We offer the following services
  • Examinations pursuant to §§ 10 and 72 of the Mining Act
  • Hygienic evaluations and examinations in compliance with the Mining Health Protection Regulation
  • Testing in accordance with Synthetics Test Regulations and DIN-Standards with regard to the underground usage of resources in coal, ore and salt mines
  • Examination of hydraulic fluids pursuant to the guidelines of the 7th Luxemburg Report
  • Testing of underground building and backfill materials
  • Testing of backfill materials regarding the evidence of long-term safety