January 22nd,2020
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Natural bathing waters
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Natural bathing waters

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Natural or near-natural aquatic landscapes are a special nature experience for a large number of people and are gaining more and more popularity. Therefore, all waters, whether lakes, ponds or rivers, must fulfil minimum water quality requirements. This is the only way to ensure there are no health risks involved for all visitors.

Natural swimming pool waters are often in close proximity to agricultural land, by which turbidity, microorganisms and chemicals can be introduced into the water cycle. Additionally, disproportionate quantities of aquatic birds or the discharge of noxious substances, i.e. untreated wastewater, can diminish water quality. Some of the introduced substances can serve as nutrients thereby promoting an unwanted mass development of algae or an immoderate growth of aquatic plants.

Our service portfolio

  • Apart from microbiological monitoring, we also provide on-site inspections, which allow us to provide our customers with reliable evaluations of local situations.
  • Our regular water analyses also enable us to recognize negative developments at an early stage, thus implementing an early warning system based on frequent water monitoring.
  • The Ruhr District Institute of Hygiene regularly examines North Rhine-Westphalian waters on behalf of its customers and has extensive experience in limnological assessment.

Seal of quality – “The Blue European Flag“

For several years, the European Union issues a special seal of approval for water quality called the Blue European Flag. The seal is regularly awarded to operators of natural open-air pools that maintain facilities with excellent water quality.

In our evaluations of water quality over the past few years, we have observed a positive trend: The contamination of nitrogen- and phosphorous-containing compounds (growth factors for algae) is declining. Thus, the clarity of the water (key factor for water rescue missions) has increased to over 1m (EU-limit).

As is the case every year, our analyses and evaluations build the basis for the issuing of the Bathing water map, which can be obtained via the MUNLV - Ministry for the Environment and Conservation, Agriculture and Consumer Protection of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. Our examinations and investigations provide the security needed for a safe and relaxing natural bathing experience for nature lovers in North Rhine-Westphalia.