July 11th,2020
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Microbiological test procedures
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Microbiological film tests and
general examinations

Test pursuant to DVGW W 270

Materials produced for contact with drinking water have to be tested using the microbiological film test for bacterial growth. We offer these services to manufacturers and distributors of materials to be used in drinking water pipelines, fittings, gaskets etc.

We test materials such as
  • Rubber
  • Plastics and other polymer materials as well as
  • Coating pursuant to ยง 17 of the Drinking Water Ordinance
We use DVGW-worksheet W 270 testing procedures on these materials.

General microbiological tests

We offer a wide variety of examination and test methods for almost all major applications. These services are specially designed for developers of innovative products or materials for diverse applications.

Examples from our portfolio
  • Suitability test for water filters (e.g. Legionella filters)
  • Joint sealant for clean rooms
  • Fungicide or bactericide coatings etc.