May 12th,2021
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Asbestos Analysis

Identification of Materials containing Asbestos/ Indoor Air Quality

Scanning electron microscopes are a safe and fast method to identify asbestos in materials or air samples. Given the massive use of asbestos (especially in building materials) since the beginning of the 20th century up until the 1990s, asbestos is one of the most common hazardous substances in existing buildings.

Typical materials, for example floor coverings, wall coverings, roofs, air ducts, fire dampers, cement, fabrics, adhesives, pipe encasements, gaskets, ceiling panels, plaster, fillers, fire insulations, canal linings, screeds, leveling compounds, fire doors, lightweight building panels and many more are under suspicion of containing asbestos and without proper analysis cannot definitively be recognized as such.

In private renovations, restructuring, renovations and repairs of public buildings, in demolition projects, as well as in the evaluation and Assessment of the market value of real estate, the recognition of asbestos usage is extremely important. Apart from legal and economical issues, human health and averting danger should always be the center of attention.

In our modern und pursuant to DIN EN ISO 17025 accredited SEM laboratory we offer the following services (Specialized examinations upon demand)
  • asbestos in air samples (VDI 3492, BGI 505-46)
  • asbestos is technical products (VDI 3866, Page 5)
  • asbestos in fingerprint dust samples (accredited quick test)
  • asbestos in fingerprint dust samples (VDI 3877, Page 1)
  • asbestos in powders and dusts (BIA 7487)
  • determination of the Carcinogenicity Index (KI) of artificial mineral fibers (KMF)
  • specific tests (asbestos in drinking water, splinter shaped hazardous materials and blasting abrasives, EDX analyses, microscopic material comparisons, corrosion, characterization of unknown materials, etc.)
Through the parallel operation of two scanning electron microscopes we can provide a high flexibility that especially comes in handy in the case of ongoing asbestos abatements (e.g. release measurements, status quo measurements and check measurements for the protection of third parties) which in turn offers an immense competitive advantage. On demand we offer rush analyses and weekend evaluations.

Our competent field service is at your service for secure sampling, thorough on-site inspections or implementations of measurement campaigns.

For the transmission of material samples for fiber analysis we recommend our request form auftragsformular_asbest.pdf for a quick and safe transaction. Please make sure to use safe packaging for postal items. We gladly accept personally delivered samples or – outside our business hours – samples deposited in our mailbox. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the professional sampling of suspected materials.