September 27th,2020
Welcome to the Ruhr District Institute of Hygiene

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Sewerage, soil, waste matter
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Compost, waste matter
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Wastewater and sewage sludge

All about wastewater

Within the framework of legal restrictions, we assess the wastewater quality of the feeds and drains in municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants, of small-scale sewage treatment plants and indirect discharge of wastewater. Our service portfolio includes the correct sampling and laboratory analysis, as well as consultation on problems regarding wastewater discharge and treatment (e.g. in correlation with odour nuisance).

Additionally, the evaluation of physiochemical and biological water quality above and below the location of wastewater discharges is another of our areas of activity.

We examine and evaluate the physical, chemical and biological condition of all types of wastewater, as well as all types of sewage sludge:
  • determination of perfluorinated compounds in wastewater and sewage sludge (PFT or PFC)
  • examination of the toxicity and the degradation behaviour of municipal and industrial wastewater
  • assessment of the agricultural usability of sewage sludge, e.g. in accordance with the Sewage Sludge Regulation
  • monitoring of the feed and drain of wastewater treatment plants regarding the compliance with limit values ("Self-Monitoring Regulations")
  • examination of direct and indirect dischargers pursuant to the Wastewater Ordinance
  • examination of water quality of receiving waters in the areas of wastewater discharges
  • determination of the hydraulic and freight load of wastewater treatment plants
  • testing and evaluation of the wastewater treatment plant efficiency and respective functional groups. Consulting regarding the optimization of wastewater treatment plants´ efficiency.
  • determination of channel flow of sewers and free mirror pipelines
  • determination of the proportional rise of the amount of water and contaminant freight of wastewater treatment plant users (Waste Water Levy Act)
  • oxygen measurement as evidence

Wastewater treatment plants

Pursuant to legal restrictions, sewage sludge from municipal wastewater treatment plants without sustainable shares in industrial sewers must not be used. We examine municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, as well as wastewater treatment plants of medium-sized and small businesses regarding the physical, chemical and biological quality.

We examine sewage sludge
  • pursuant to Sewage Sludge Regulation (AbfKlärV) with regard to its agricultural usability
  • pursuant to Sewage Sludge Regulation (AbfKlärV) with regard to horticultural soils
  • for criteria regarding thermal recycling
  • for criteria regarding disposal in landfills
  • for criteria regarding composting
  • with regard to perfluorated tensides (PFT)