August 03rd,2021
Welcome to the Ruhr District Institute of Hygiene

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Sewerage, soil, waste matter
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Sewerage, soil, waste matter

One-stop monitoring, analytics and assessment

Preventive health care and hygiene are not only concerned with human health maintenance, but also with the protection of air, water and soil from pollutants and contaminates.

The prevention of environmental pollution is the key aspect to effective and sustainable health protection. Therefore, all procedures regarding the production of modern goods, as well as their disposal, have to be environmentally sound and resource-conserving.

Recognition and assessment of environmental Impact

Regular and area-wide monitoring and case-by-case analyses and assessments of environmental media, as well as of industry and household products, including recyclable and waste materials, are an essential condition for healthy and environmentally safe production procedures and industrial goods.

Taking this into account, the Institute of Environmental Hygiene and Environmental Medicine is able to detect adverse environmental effects early. Thus we are able to analyze such effects in relation to their impact on human health, determine their cause and resolve the issue as quickly and thoroughly as possible.