August 05th,2020
Welcome to the Ruhr District Institute of Hygiene

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Waste materials
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Waste and residue analyses

Guiding you through a maze of regulations

The required tests for the utilization and disposal of waste materials are governed by numerous regulations and guidelines. We will be happy to help you orientate yourself with regard to these policies and to conduct the corresponding sampling, laboratory testing and evaluations for you.

In particular – we offer

  • assessment of the utilization of waste materials
  • assessment of the landfilling capabilities of waste materials
  • creation of declaration analyses
  • determination of the leaching properties of waste and materials
  • determination of the leaching behaviour using triaxial cells and other methods
  • determination of the thermal behaviour and responsiveness of waste materials
  • classification of waste products in accordance with Waste Recycling and Management Law, Landfill Ordinance and Alternative Building Materials Regulation (Draft)
  • implementation of receiving inspections on landfills and waste treatment plants
  • implementation of seeping and ground water testing in close proximity to landfills as part of the planning process (Landfill Self-Monitoring Regulation)
  • evaluation of waste materials with regard to the possible utilization pursuant to LAGA-guideline no. 20, Quality Surveillance in Road Construction and the like.
  • examination of composts in compliance with the guidelines of the Organic Waste Ordinance, as well as the Federal Compost Association