August 05th,2020
Welcome to the Ruhr District Institute of Hygiene

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Head of Administration
Phone: 0209/9242-110
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Support Organization
The Society for Control of Common Diseases in the Ruhr District (NPO)
The Society for Control of Common Diseases in the Ruhr District was founded in Gelsenkirchen on January 24th, 1902 at Robert Koch's suggestion.

Photo right: Original sketch of Robert Koch s survey.
Photo above: Excerpt from an invitation to the constituent assembly in December 1901. Included on the agenda were: decisions on the constitution, establishment of the society and election of the board members.

Entry in Register of Societies and Associations
Register of Societies and Associations no. VR 519 (V21) District Court of Gelsenkirchen.

Board of Directors
Prof. Dr. Werner Schlake (Chairperson), Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kretschmann (vice-chairperson), Dr. Emanuel Grün, Dr. Dirk Waider, Prof. Dr. Lothar Dunemann; Senator E.h. Peter Scherer (Honorary Chairperson)

Honorary Chairperson
Senator Hon. Peter Scherer (Essen)

Our members

Our membership is made up of cities and districts as well as associations, companies and private individuals (current status 2010). The following is a brief outline of the society`s institutional and honorary members.

Cities and districts
The cities of Bochum, Bottrop, Gelsenkirchen, Hamm, Herne and Oberhausen and Ennepe-Ruhr, Hochsauerland, Recklinghausen and Unna districts.

Associations and organizations
Professional Association of Mining (Bochum), Federal Miner`s Insurance Institute (Bochum), Lippe Association (Dortmund), German Coal and Steel Industry Technology for Raw Materials, Energy and the Environment (Essen), Emscher Cooperative (Essen), Ennepe-Milspe Water Procurement Association (Ennepetal), Ruhr Association (Essen).

Public Utilities Arnsberg Ltd. & Co. KG (Arnsberg), Public Utilities Bochum Ltd. (Bochum), Iron and Steel Works Krupp Mannesmann Ltd (Duisburg), Lörmecke Waterworks Ltd (Erwitte), Eslohe Municipality Waterworks, Public Utilities Essen inc. (Essen), Commerzbank Gelsenkirchen (Gelsenkirchen), Gelsenwasser inc. (Gelsenkirchen), Public Utilities Fröndenberg Ltd. (Fröndenberg), Mark-E inc. (Hagen), Public Utilities Hamm Ltd. (Hamm), Public Utilities Hattingen Ltd. (Hattingen), Public Utilities Hemer Ltd. (Hemer), Public Utilities Iserlohn Ltd. (Iserlohn), Public Utilities Lüdenscheid Ltd. (Lüdenscheid), RWW Rhine-Westphalia Waterworks Society LLC. (Mülheim/Ruhr), Paderborn Waterworks Ltd. (Paderborn), City of Rüthen Waterworks, Westphalia Waterworks Ltd. (Schwerte), Public Utilities Werdohl Ltd. (Werdohl).

Honorary members
Dr. H. Messerschmidt, Director of Mining (Rtd.), Assessor of Mines (Rtd.) (Dortmund),
H. Zander Dipl.Engineer, Director (Rtd.) (Gelsenkirchen)