August 05th,2020
Welcome to the Ruhr District Institute of Hygiene

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Institute philosophy

Our inspiration

In a heavily industrialized and densely populated region, preservation and improvement of the natural surroundings are crucial to the protection of both human health and the environment. We are developing strategies and recommendations which aim to reduce environmental harm and avoid contact with health-damaging materials without impeding social and technological progress.

Our contribution to preventive health care

Modern environmental and consumer protection must not be dictated by short-term populist goals. Nor should misuse occur as a result of the pressures of ever-present popular trends or the dubious decisions of mainstream politics. The Ruhr District Institute of Hygiene sees itself as an independent and neutral organization which renders professional services at the leading edge between science and practice. We provide services which not only conform to all relevant laws, guidelines and standards but also take into account economic and social conditions.

The Institute has more than 100 yearsÂ’ experience in preventive health. It is this experience which constitutes the basis of the services we provide to our clients every day.