August 05th,2020
Welcome to the Ruhr District Institute of Hygiene

Your contact partners
Dr. Andreas Koch
Phone: 0209-9242-210
(Sekretariat: -211)
Fax: 0209-9242-212
Andreas Koch


Department Head water-hygienic Material Tests

Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Koch has a doctorate in chemistry and manages our KTW department and KTW testing laboratory.

Dr. Koch is your contact partner for all questions regarding drinking- and groundwater-hygienic material testings.

Business Divisions

  • Materials in contact with drinking water, KTW (plastics in contact with drinking water)
  • Water-hygienic assessments of building products
  • Management of the KTW testing laboratory

Collaboration with Committees and Commissions

  • DIN work group �VHH in pool and bath water�
  • AWWR (Water Quality Panel) work group on �organic trace analysis�
  • Work group CEN TC 164 WG3 �cementitious raw materials�
  • Work group �standardization of leaching methods�
  • DIBt project group �sewage pipe redevelopment materials�
  • ATT (Association on Drinking Water Reservoirs) work group �analytics�