July 11th,2020
Welcome to the Ruhr District Institute of Hygiene

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Dr. Christiane Schell
Phone: 0209-9242-230
(Sekretariat: -201)
Fax: 0209-9242-222
Christiane Schell


Divisional Director

Dr. rer. nat. Christiane Schell is director of the division for microbiological material and product tests. Apart from microbiological material testing for the area of drinking water (DVGW W 270) this department also carries out testing of disinfectants and disinfections methods (EN, VAH etc.) as well as testing of antimicrobially active materials (DIN 846, JIS 2801 etc.)

Additionally, she is responsible for the implementation of hygiene trainings and advanced training courses.

Business Divisions

  • Environmental microbiology
  • Material testings
  • Efficacy testings (disinfectants etc.)
  • General microbiological examinations (basic materials, cosmetics, etc.)
  • Hygiene trainings and advanced training courses

Collaboration with Committees and Commissions

  • DVGW PK "Microbial Growth on Materials"
  • Work group CEN/TC 164/WG3 "Materials in Contact with Drinking Water"
  • DIN-work group "Domestic Water Filters"
  • DIN-work group "Comparability of microbiological Methods"