May 27th,2020
Welcome to the Ruhr District Institute of Hygiene

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Food Chemist Petra Bröcking
Phone: 0209-9242-200
Fax: 0209-9242-299
Petra Bröcking


Division Manager

Petra Bröcking is a certified food analyst and manages our department of water chemistry. Moreover, she is active in the departments of pool and bath hygiene and quality management.

Business Segments

  • Examination and evaluation of drinking, pool and untreated water (chemical, physical)
  • Water chemistry, laboratory analysis, quality management (quality management representative)
  • Examination and evaluation of materials intended for use in drinking water and drinking water systems

Collaboration with Committees and Commissions

  • AWWR ` Water Quality Panel, as well as the workgroups Organic Trace Analysis and General and inorganic Analytics
  • ATT (Association on Drinking Water Reservoirs) ` Workgroup Analytics
  • DIN-Workgroup PFC in Water, Sludge and Soil