September 28th,2021
Welcome to the Ruhr District Institute of Hygiene
Competence, independence and trust

The Ruhr District Institute of Hygiene

The Ruhr District Institute of Hygiene was founded in 1901 at the suggestion of Robert Koch. This development was initially brought about by a severe typhus epidemic. The Institute’s mission was to contribute to the improvement of environmental conditions. Today, after more than a century of ups and downs it still remains true to its original mission. Nowadays it is a centre of excellence in the fields of environmental hygiene and toxicology and belongs to the largest and most modern institutions of its kind.

Environmental hygiene and toxicology – our core competencies

The Institute of Hygiene examines and evaluates the quality of drinking water, swimming pools, soil and air. It reviews the hygienic suitability of materials that may come into contact with drinking water or food or be used in construction. Additionally, waste water, sewage sludge and waste are examined and evaluated. Ecotoxicological and human toxicological tests and assessments complete our repertoire.

Preventive health protection – our mission

The Institute of Hygiene´s aim is to support companies and institutions according to the principles of preventive health protection by providing relevant examination procedures and analysis methods thus keeping harmful substances and processes away from humans and avoiding pollution of the environment ahead of time.

Customer benefits

We have years of experience and extensive knowledge in our areas of expertise. The Institute of Hygiene complies with a premium quality assurance system which provides the best possible safety for our customers’ and partners’ projects.

We are proud of our over 100 years of tradition. Trust our experience.